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bImage00013We are all products of our environment, but what is it that prompts some people to alter the environment by altering themselves?

Brighton Tattoos (and the people who wear them)is an exciting project to photograph the people of aImage00141Brighton and surrounding areas who dare to be different through tattoos and body modification, to exhibit the photographs in Brighton (and beyond?) and to collate them into a full-colour book.

If you want to be photographed for possible inclusion in this project, you need 2 things:

  1. To be proud of your unique identity;
  2. To be willing to be interviewed and photographed by me.
  3. To be within reasonable reach of, or be a regular visitor to Brighton (yes, I know that makes three).

In return I just need two things back:

  1. An hour of your time to photograph you and to discuss your feelings on your particular body art, and body modification generally;
  2. Your signature on a model release form to enable me to publish the pictures.

If you want to participate in this project, email me on m.coombes@gmail.com and attach a couple of pictures of yourself, and I’ll be in touch.


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