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mccMike Coombes is a writer, designer and photographer living on the outskirts of Brighton in the UK. He is primarily known for street photography, documenting the people of Brighton and surrounding areas but is currently undertaking a commercial commission and working on two personal projects:




A photograph is, at its basest level, nothing. Pixels on a screen, tones on paper. But a good photograph is nothing, and everything; it may portray a frozen moment, an object, a landscape, it may be banal or fresh and original, but it invites emotional attachment through the imaginary back-story that the viewer invests in it - false memory.

Each viewer brings with them their own baggage, their own experience and expectation. Each viewer will take something different away. The photographer has no say in this; one can point the viewer in a particular direction either through title or visual cues, but one rightly has no control over how the viewer will think; it is a tired old cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words, even if it's true, but it is not the photographer who writes the words, but the viewer.

In my work I present you with the canvas on which you can project your own meaning. Your own False Memories.


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